This international conference aims to discuss and provide critical views based on empirical experience and the relevant concepts to the changing trends and future directions of tourism development after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the topics that can be raised as discussion material include (but are not limited to):

  1. Adaptation strategies of tourism transportation modes to the CHSE standard
  2. Adaptation strategies and models of the tourism accommodation industry to the CHSE standard
  3. Creative Industry and tourism MSME business models in the post-pandemic period
  4. Reactivation and revitalization of community-based tourism businesses
  5. Optimizing the use of IT products in tourism business management
  6. Innovation and implementation of carbon neutral and green zones in tourism destinations
  7. Trends in travel financing planning changes
  8. Issues of de-skilling, recharging, and up-skilling tourism HR
  9. The future of tourism education institutions
  10. Reconstruction of tourism institutions in the post-pandemic period
  11. Relations between tourists and tourists in tourism destinations in the post-pandemic period
  12. Changes in tourist market profiles and preferences and their implications for promotion and marketing strategies
  13. Tourist perspectives on post-pandemic tourism and CHSE practices
  14. Trends and prospects for healthy tourism and green tourism