Dear Author,

All papers presented in the 3rd INTACT conference will be proposed for proceeding publication in Atlantis Press Proceeding indexed by Web of Science. Please follow these simple instructions when preparing your final manuscript. This will not only help to publish your manuscript faster. These instructions are also essential to get your manuscripts indexed e.g. by Google Scholar or other abstracting and indexing services. Their own guidelines and our own experience have shown that following the rules described below are important.


  • Use the template as provided. In particular:
    • Do not include page numbers, headers or footers
    • Do not change the layout and margins of the Word template:
      (For First Page: Top : 4.44 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm. From Second page onwards: Top : 3.17 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm)
  • Use a spell-checker and proof-read your manuscript before submitting
  • Follow our ethics guidelines – in particular do not submit your manuscript to another journal, book or proceedings volume
    in parallel.



  • Check that the manuscript title is in upper lower case, following APA Style:
    • Capitalize the first letter of each word including Nouns, verbs (including linking verbs), adjectives, adverbs, pronouns,
      and all words of four letters or more;
    • Other words including short (i.e., three letters or fewer) conjunctions, short prepositions such as “for”, “and”, “or” are
      lower case
    • Correct example: Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers
  • Correct any spelling errors
  • If there is a subtitle, place it below the title but in a smaller font size

Authors and Affiliations

  • Enter all authors’ first name and surname and follow the “first name last name” format without any punctuation
  • If the author has no last name, then repeat the first name e.g. “Abyasa” => “Abyasa Abyasa”.
    Note: Unfortunately, Google Scholar does not properly index publications with authors without a last name.
  • Mark the corresponding author by adding an asterisk (“*”) after their name
  • Provide an email address for the corresponding author (mandatory)
  • Provide the affiliations for all authors with department name, [division], institution/affiliated university, city, country
    • Example: Sport Cancer Laboratory EA4670, Luminy Campus, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France.
  • Add the affiliation identifier (e.g. 1,2,3) in superscript to the matching author and affiliation in the correct order


  • Provide a complete and correct abstract summarising your work. Abstracts are mandatory
  • If you cite literature in the abstract, always refer to it explicitly and write out the whole citation (e.g. Surname, Initials (year), Article Title, Journal title/Book title, Volume Number (Issue Number), Page range)


  • Provide keywords capturing the main ideas of your manuscript. Keywords are mandatory
  • Separate the keywords with a comma (“,”)



  • All heading should be appropriately nested
  • All headings should be numbered in a consistent way (e.g. 1.1 & 1.1.1 &, etc.) in order to differentiate the headings
  • Only 1st level heading should be in in upper case (e.g. “1. INTRODUCTION”)
  • All other headings are in upper-lower-case, i.e., the same style of the manuscript title (e.g. “2.3. Analysis of Financial
  • Do not jump levels of headings – e.g. do not include a 3rd level heading right after a 1st level heading
  • Ensure that the heading and at least 2 lines of content are displayed on the same page (i.e. avoid “orphans” and “widows”)

References and Citations

  • Every reference must be cited in the text
  • Citations should be formatted consistently in line with conference organizer guidelines (if any)

Lists, Tables, Figures

  • Use the standard list styles
  • Try to place any table and figures close to where it is cited and used
  • All figures and tables must be numbered in a sequential order and they must have a caption
  • The caption must include the number of the figure or table
  • Place the caption close to that figure or table and on the same page
  • Ensure that no text or other parts of the manuscript are hidden behind a table, list, or figure
  • Tables must be included as Word or LaTeX tables in an editable format – they must not be included as pictures or



  • Include the references at the end of the manuscript
  • The references must be formatted in a consistent style within the manuscript (e.g. use the standard style as outlined in the
    template or follow the guidelines by the conference organisers)
  • All references must be in Roman script

The template can be downloaded via the following link download full paper template” and “download Proceedings-Author Guidelines”